Ichika Fuyuno

“In seeking happiness for others, you will find it in yourself.” — Unknown

Short Bio

Born once again, Ichika grieves her past life but does not let her new one go to waste. She is generous with her love and does all she can for anyone who needs it.
She also enjoys being much taller and reaching higher shelves.


Just as she was in her past life, Ichika is a dedicated healer, moving beyond her white magic to learn Scholar, Astrologian and Sage. Her desire to save others has only strengthened since she experienced death.


Polite to strangers, and doting on her friends, Ichika is a generally warm person. She is centered around her family, and would do anything for them.


Ichika left the home of her clan in the mountains in the summer of her 80th year. She was born remembering a previous life, and felt the tugging of her red string of faith, leading her back to her soulmate. She has since embraced her fragmented soul, and enjoys being married to her other half- her soulmate. Her memories of her past lives continue to trickle in, and she cherishes each one. She is dedicated to her family, and finds joy in taking more of a maternal figure in the lives of her friends.
(Also she WILL adopt at the slightest provocation.)


Ichika is primarily a healer. She prefers keeping her comrades alive, rather than defeating enemies. However, should push come to shove, she is not one to just take it. She prefers a support role as a Dancer, but is ready to protect as a Gunbreaker. She has also recently began dabbling in Thaumatergy, thanks to the influence of her partner.


Ichika is an incredibly dedicated friend and significant other. Her life revolves around those close to her and she treasures them. There are very few lines she would not cross for their sakes. Outside of her dedication, she is a warm and friendly person, and very polite. She tries hard to be kind to others and see things from their point of view. She has a secret weakness for all things soft and fluffy, and can easily be won over by ear wiggles or head pats. She loves to cook and garden, and is most at peace in her home, surrounded by her precious people. She dislikes lying, two facedness, and long waits. She loves wine, pasta and physical affection.